Standardize Connectivity with KEPServerEX Version 6.7

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  One of the benefits of using KEPServerEX is the ability to standardize industrial communications via a single, secure solution. Other connectivity solutions require separate software installations for each device type or lack connectivity to certain devices. To solve these issues, manufacturers often incorporate multiple connectivity applications or build connectivity from scratch, which makes change management extremely difficult and takes engineers away from other valuable tasks. In contrast, KEPServerEX creates a standardized communications layer—eliminating the workarounds, silos, and unsecure applications inherent to fragmented architectures.

  Today we're releasing KEPServerEX Version 6.7, which makes it even easier to standardize industrial communications. Version 6.7 improves connectivity to modern Torque Tool devices and enhances unique features that enable secure deployment and management of KEPServerEX across the entire industrial enterprise.

  Enhanced Connectivity to Modern Torque Tool Devices

  KEPServerEX Version 6.7 has improved connectivity to the Power Focus 6000 and the Micro Torque Focus 6000, both from leading Torque Tool manufacturer Atlas Copco. KEPServerEX is one of the few connectivity solutions with the ability to connect to Torque Tool controllers. Other solutions require organizations to rely on in-house resources to build a driver, which then needs to be maintained and likely enhanced over time. With KEPServerEX, Torque Tools can be seamlessly included in a standardized communications layer.

  New Tools for Secure Deployment and Management

  Also unique to KEPServerEX is its Configuration API, which allows users to remotely configure the server using modern encryption and TLS. This helps organizations avoid giving engineers full administrative access to a machine in the operations network via RDP. With KEPServerEX Version 6.7, we've expanded the plug-ins and settings that can be configured via the API. Additionally, we've added a new OPC UA Security Policy, and published new guidelines on permissions for Windows Standard Users.

  Learn More and Download a Demo

  Standardized and secure industrial communications are easier than ever to achieve with KEPServerEX Version 6.7. With it, your entire enterprise can eliminate interoperability headaches and significantly reduce time spent on change management when adding a new device or system. Read the release notes to learn more, or download a demo today.